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Litter Whelped October 14, 2007

Sire: Kelso's Darkside Rendezvous "Osiris"

Dam: Kelso's Magical Goddess Isis "Isis"

Litter AKC Registration #: WS235046

Litter Theme: Air Force


Our 2 legged daughter Samantha has decided to put college on hold and join the Air Force. Samantha will leave for basic training on February 5, 2008. This litter was named in honor of her joining the Air Force. All of the "call" names are Air Force Bases in the USA. Samantha will be stationed at Lackland in San Antonio, Texas. Also, after doing further research, I have learned that on October 14, 1947 Brig. Gen. Chuck Yeager (at the time he was Capt.), in an Air Force Bell-built X-1 Supersonic research aircaft, was the first man to fly faster than the speed of sound in level flight! So, how fitting...In honor of the date this litter was born on and Samantha's enlistment this litter is themed "Air Force"! 

We are pleased and honored to introduce to you, our:

       "Air Force Crew"



Kelso's Remembering Yeager

This big boy was called Dover while he was here, and will now be called Kirby by the Moss Family of Bear, Delaware. They will keep laughing as they watch the silly things this big guy does. On those lonely, cold nights they can also look forward to having Kirby come snuggle up next to them!


Kelso's To Protect And Serve

MacGuire as we called him, along with Big Mac, Mac Daddy, Mac Attack, will now be called Marmaduke and live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with the Velez/Martin, Jr. Family and will now look forward to be pounced on by "Big Mac" and then smuthering their faces with kisses once he gets them down to his level!   I hear Congrats are in order to Marmaduke's new Mom and Dad. Marmaduke has helped his Daddy ask his Mommy to Marry him....Dad tied a ribbon with the ring attached around Marmaduke's neck, and set Marmaduke on Melissa lap.... she said, "Yes". Of course she said yes, how could you say no to Marmaduke's cute face! Smart move John! Contrats John & Melissa!!!!!


Kelso's Supersonic X-1 Aircraft

Davies was what we called him, his new family will be calling him Nimbus. He will be living with the Shertzer Family of Pasadena, Maryland. They will look forward to having their faces covered with big wet kisses every single day!


Kelso's Air Brigade

Luke is what we called him hear, and his new family will decide on a new name after he is home. He will be living with the Posey Family of Bellmawr, New Jersey. the will pick him up later on this month.


Kelso's Breaking The Sound Barrier


Her name here was Lockland, but it should of been Lackland. (That's what you get when you let 2 blind people get the names off of the internet! You can thank Sam & Kate for that!) Her new family will be keeping her name Lockland and now lives with the Casper family of Newark, Delaware. Hope her new two legged brother and sister can keep up with her, and I think she'll keep her 4 legged brother in check!


Kelso's The Sky's The Limit

Tyndall is the name we gave this pretty Lil' Girl and her new family have decided to keep her name Tyndall. She will be living with the Martin, Sr. Family of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her new family came to meet her Mom and Dad in the summer of 2007 with Marmaduke's new parents, they said they were just here to see the parents of their new Grandpuppy, and I warned them that once they see the puppies they would change their minds...."No way," is what they told me! Marmaduke went home, they fell in love with the handsome fellow, and decided to make Tyndall theirs! They'll now look forward to having this beauty kiss their faces until she cannot kiss any longer! The Martin Sr family has decided that Ms Tyndall is more then they can handle right now. But, this pretty Lil' thing has now went to live with her two legged sister and the rest of the O'Rourke Family of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania because they just could not part with this beauty!



To all the men and woman who serve to protect our freedom and this country, we'd like to say:

    Thank You!!!!

Congrats Dorm Chief Kelso!!!! Samantha Graduated Basic Training on March 21, 2008

37th Wing of the 737th Training Group, 320th Squad and the 240th Flight of Lackland Air Force Base San Antoino, Texas. Samantha's Flight made Honor Flight!!!


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