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"Osiris" Kelso's Darkside Rendezvous (sire) 

"Robbie" Kelso's Cold November Rain (dam)

This is a repeat breeding of our "Wonders Litter" and the litter that produced our Maya please check out those pages to see what beautiful puppies these parents produce! Be sure to also check out our Photo Gallery to see the pictures puppy owners have uploaded to our site of their puppies!


Please Meet Our Artists and Their Masterpieces Litter

Sunday December 5, 2010

(Current pictures and weights of these puppies can be found on our Litter Box 2 page!) 

I am sorry there are no pictures taken until  12/6/10, but after Robbie delivered her third puppy she had what is called Uterine Intertia. (Robbie's uterus was not contracting strong enough to push the puppies out.) She was taken into the Emergency Vets where she was given three shots of Oxytocin to help the uterus do it's job and push out the remaining puppies (We had taken x-rays to reveal 4 puppies still waiting to be born.). The Oxytocin work with the results of producing 3 of the 4 remaining puppies. After several hours passed without resulting in the birth of the forth puppy we gave Robbie an intravenous infusion of Oxytocin with intravenuous calcium. This was to hopefully help Robbie's body produce strong enough contraction to push out the last puppy. The Calcium in the I.V. caused some mild heart irregularities (which can happen when given calcium). Still resulted without producing the puppy. So through careful discussions with the vet we decided to bring Robbie home and see if she would whelp this puppy. If not she would need a C-section in the morning to get the puppy out. So after 9 & 1/2 hours after the birth of the last puppy, well over 24 hrs of labor, 12 hours spent in the Emergency Vet...I am HAPPY TO TELL YOU ALL, Early this morning 1:05 AM Robbie gave birth to the seventh puppy!!!!


"Kelso's David"



Van Gogh

"Kelso's Starry Night"




"Kelso's Night Watch "



"Kelso's Signed With A Butterfly"


Da Vinci

"Kelso's Vitruvian Man"



"Kelso's Dance In The City"

It is with heavy heart I write this: Early this morning Robbie had gotten up out of the whelp box Renoir somehow crawled under the matting, upon Robbie's return had not seen Renoir (Robbie is so gentle and pushes the pups with her noise into the middle before gingerly stepping into the whelp box) under the matting and laid onto of her. Robbie's 140 lbs was no match for Renoir's 1lb 6 ozs body. My attemps of trying to revive her failed. Rest peacefully my beautiful work of art!


Mona Lisa

"Kelso's Price You Pay To See Mona Lisa "

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