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1/19/2010- Aurora has been spayed and removed from our breeding program. No matter what we have tried to bring up her weight she still maintains the low weight (105 lbs on 1/19/2010) for an almost 3 yr old Great Dane female. We were hoping (with her Vet's recommendation) that delivering a litter of puppies would slow her metabolism enough to bring her up to at least 125- 130 lbs. For those of you that had the pleasure of meeting Aurora after puppies, and saw first hand at what the puppies had done to her, know exactly why she will be spayed and removed from our breeding program! Thank God for Isis and the wonderful mother that she is, that helped Aurora feed her babies!!!! I can't even begin to imagine what Aurora would of looked like, had Isis not been there to help her nurse those puppies.

8/23/2009-After much consideration and conversations with my Vet about Aurora's inablitiy to maintain a "good" weight for an adult female Dane, and her complications before, during, and after her pregnancy, we have decided to spay Aurora and remove her from our breeding program. We feel this will be the best for her health and saftey. We feel that she does not fit our criteria any longer for our breeding program, as we strive to only breed the healthiest Great Danes we can! So as soon as we can bring her up to a good weight to put her under anesthesia for the procedure, she will be spayed.

OFA Results (Click on the links below to see her certificates)

DNA Profile #- V532363

OFA Thyroid- Normal (GD-TH1146/16F-PI)

vWD- Normal at 83%

Heart- Normal (GD-CA1799/23F/S-VPI-ECHO)

Hips- Good (GD-10773G24F-VPI)

Elbows- Normal (GD-EL1419F24-PI)

Shoulders- Normal (GD-SH36F24-VPI) 

Patellas- Normal (GD-PA63/24F/P-VPI)



7 Months Old

19 months old

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