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Litter Whelped April 4, 2007

Sire: Noblesse Michelangelo Thorkil  "Mick" (WS12459909)

Dam: Kelso's Magical Goddess Isis      "Isis" (WS09556106)

Litter AKC Registration#: WS212791

Litter's Theme: Heart


Kelso's Stealer Of My Heart V Noblesse

He was named Aberdeen, and his new family will keep the name. He is now living in Jordan, New York with the Spara family and they are looking forward to all the laughs Aberdeen will bring then, not to mention all of the kisses he'll dish out!


Kelso's Heartbreaker V Noblesse

We called him Cambridge, his new family will call him Ivanhoe. Ivanhoe lives in Cranberry, Pennsylvania with the Martino family. 


Kelso's Stop My Heart V Noblesse, CGC

Crosby is the name we gave him, and his new family have decided to keep his name. He will be living inVineland, New Jersey with the Allonardo Family. Crosby's new (2 legged) sister just can't wait for him to sleep in bed with her!


Kelso's Key To My Heart V Noblesse

The name we gave him was Walker. His new (2 legged) brother said he looks like a storm cloud and they were going to call him Stormer. Once they took him home, they decided to keep his name Walker. He now lives with the Piunti Family of White Marsh, Maryland.


Kelso's Queen Of Hearts V Noblesse

We called this cutie Grace. Her new Mommy will just add an "I" and call her Gracie. Her Mommy flew in from Michigan to pick her up and make sure her trip to her new home in Bruce, Michigan to live with the Venzuch Family, was not stressfull for her.


Victoria (Female 4:42 p.m.  1 lb 4 ozs) On Sunday April 8, 2007 this little girl has crossed the "Rainbow Bridge". Mom had stepped or laid on her. We rushed her to the emergancy vet hospital, but it was too late for her, she had stopped breathing.


Kelso's Hearts Afire V Noblesse, CGC

Garrett is what he was called here. His new Mom & Dad are now calling him Zeus because of how big he will be when he's grown! The big boy lives in Pittsville, Maryland with the Barthman/Ruark Family.


Kelso's Keeper Of My Heart V Noblesse

Bowie is what he was called here, and then had quite a list of other names, until Griffin came along. The Carpenter Family of Wilmington Delaware will keep his name Griffin. Griffin will get to sleep in his new (2 legged) brother Jack's bed, he will also be living with his half sister Matilda. (You can see her picture on "Placed Puppies" Page.


Kelso's Playin' With My Heart

We called her Kennedy for a week...her new family waited a lon time for her. They picked out the name Isadora. Her name means... Gift from the Goddess Isis! She lives with the Page family of Putnam Valley, New York. She has went to live with Zander (placed puppies 2) from our Neffy/Osiris breeding. Look for this pretty girl in the show ring near you!!!




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