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This page was written for everyone who is looking for or will be looking for a new puppy to add to your family! Hopefully after you are done reading this page you will have a better idea on how to purchase that new puppy and what to look for so you can spend a long and healthy life together! I am sick and tired of the backhanded, sneaky things that I have discovered that many people/so-called breeders are doing to register litters with the AKC, and then, to sell those puppies to you! I would like to help educate you on how to purchase a puppy BEFORE your emotions become involved! I don't care if you're purchasing a puppy from me or someone else. I just want all the horror stories to end, for both you and the helpless puppies that are brought into this mess, by those un-scrupulous breeders/people that are just trying to make a fast buck!

Here's my check list on how to purchase that perfect puppy:

First, find out what breed is the best fit for your family. The wrong breed in your "family style"could be one of the biggest mistakes you can make, for both you and youe puppy. You want to make sure if your family is active that you get a breed that can keep up. If the family is more laid back, then maybe you want to try a more laid back breed. Don't just purchase a breed, because it's "IN" at that moment, investigate, find out all you can about the breeds you think will be the best fit. YES, take the family to the Library, look on the internet, gather as much information about several breeds that will fit your family life style. After you find a few breeds (at least 10) that you think will fit your "Family Style", sit down with the whole family, put the pictures on the table and a list of the pros and cons of each of those breeds you have chosen. Discuss them and start to weed out which of those breeds who's cons list is growing. When you get down to two or three take a vote.

Second, Now that you found the breed that will fit your "Family Style", back to the library you go. Find as many books as you can about that breed and start reading, and reading, and reading! Search the internet too... STOP! don't look for puppies yet you're not ready. Now that you think you know all about the breed your considering... let me ask you this: What are the most common defects/diseases to show up in that breed? Don't know the answer? Read some more. Think you know the answer now? Good, here's another question: What is the breed standard? Great, you think you  know the answer to this question, right? You do! Well then, how well do you know this standard? Can you pick a puppy that best meets it? NO! I thought you said you knew the answer! But, finding this answer will be fun! Visit a dog show close to your home, find out what time your breed will be showing and sit, stay until the class is finished. Talk to the people outside of the ring, a lot of those people are actually breeders. They let a handler, handle (show) their dog in the ring. Talk and ask question. Ask about the common defects in the breed, How active/inactive is the breed, what are the breed standards, why, etc. Make sure you stand next to an adult male of the breed, they tend to be the larger of the breed. Really size up this dog. Get a good idea how big the breed will get. Because...This is how big your future puppy can grow! Now, can you imagine this in your home, running around? This is a big part of trying to find the right breed for your family. There are way too many Great Danes (and other breeds) that end up in rescues BECAUSE THE OWNER DID NOT RELALIZE JUST HOW BIG THEIR PUPPY WAS GOING TO BECOME! They knew the puppy was going to get big, just not that big. You can see pictures in books and magazines, but you really don't get the concept of just how big they will get, until you stand next to an adult male and see the size and weight standing right next to you! No,you can't imagine this in your home, then start from step one again. But, before you leave the show, look around at the different breeds, ask question, you might find a dog that wasn't even on your list but would be perfect for your "Family Style"!  If you said yes, then move on to step three. (However, you still are not looking at puppies yet! We all change the minute we hear the word puppy, let alone see them! You start to get emotionally charged and sometimes too impulsive. PLEASE, wait before looking at puppies!)

Third, Ask yourself these questions... What are the most common defects and diseases to show up in this breed? How will I know if I am buying a puppy that has or is carrying these defects/diseases? (Yes, I'm back to that again!) Start here: this is the CHIC web site, on it you will find the breeds and what is usually tested for in the breed (The most common defects/diseases.) Once you know the common problems do more research on them to learn of a potential problems you may encounter later on. Every single one of my puppies goes to there new home with a list of over 68 known diseases to show up in the Great Dane breed. Some breeders will tell you not there dogs, well let me tell you, every single dog on this planet carries at least 3, if not more, detrimental genes. (See, I do research too!) Now that you know about the defects and disease in the breed, it's time to move to step four!

Forth, How do I know if the correct testing was done on the parents? How do I read the results? Easy, this wonderful web site has it all! It will explain the testing and how to read the testing, how often it should be re-test etc. That's right, it's back to reading and more research. I know, you just want a pet, but what good is a pet, if it has to be put down at the age of 2, because it has sever hip dysplasia and is in too much pain to get up to go to the bathroom, if he can get up at all! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read this web site backwards, forwards, standing on your head, I don't care how, just spend alot of time on it and LEARN, LEARN, LEARN! The information on this site is as good as GOLD! It can save you a fortune in the future! Trust me I know what I'm talking about! I hear ya, I know what you're saying now, I don't want to do all this, I just want to buy a cheap family pet, I'm not going to show it or anything! Well, how cheap is that cute adorable puppy after it needs surgery to repair the knees, because it has patellar luxation. It will be much cheaper to put my kids through college, so if you have the extra money to spend then go ahead a buy a puppy now and don't finish reading this or do any more research. If you don't have the extra money to burn then PLEASE continue....

More to come...


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