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Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware is a 24 hr emergency hospital and referal center. The staff here is fabulas and have been trusted with all of my emergency! Including the emergency c-section of our "Promise" Litter.


Branmar Veterinary Hospital


This is the Vet I take my dogs and puppies to! Dr Scheiber and staff are great!








MB-F Dog Shows, will give you info on all up coming shows.



Jim Rau Dog shows- This site will give you all the up comping Rau show schedule.


This is a great web site (and where I get my) Lupine Collars and leashes, tags, tag holders, Flashing Safty light tags, etc.

Here's how we do it:

from 8 wks to approx. 6 months we use Lupine's Combo/Martingale training collar 15-22"

from approx 6 months thru adult we use Lupine's Combo/Martingale training collar 19-27"

We never need more than a 4' leash!

If traveling with your new puppy in a car and it's not in a carrier, I recommend to always make sure puppy is buckled in! I recommend Lupines Roman Harness (I'll get new puppy size posted asap) and a 2' Traffic Lead to buckle your puppy into the car!!!!



This ia a great Pet Store Online where you can have your pet food shipped right to your door! Including Pro Plan Giant Breed Puppy Food!!!! Or you can go and pick it up right from thier's (Harleysville, PA- I go once a month, maybe we can order to gether and split gass fees!)



This is a great online store where I get alot of my supplies, CHEAP!!! I LOVE this place! (This is also where I get my beds and cots from!)



This is also another good site for supplies! (This is where I get the covers for the crib mattresses!)




This web site has it all...from health issues (ALL BREEDS) to where you can find kennels, REPUTABLE Breeders, Trainers, etc.



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