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Lockland's Story


Here is a story of why some people should never own pets! Why you should think long and hard before you want to own one, and why you should think long and hard again! Making sure to think about everything including "family" plans, ALL people involved, and the pet it's self!

Lockland was born on October 14, 2006, she is one of our Air Force Crew. Lockland was one of the biggest, fastest growing puppies from the litter. At times she was the largest puppy in the litter. As you may or may not know, I have a waiting list for all of my puppies, and tends be be very long at times. Well the Casper family of Newark Delaware was at the top of that list for the first pick female, needless to say they had choosen Lockland (before I actually aloud pick placements at 6 weeks). They knew this was the girl for them! Since the day that she was born (and even weeks before) I would get daily phone calls or emails asking about Momma and the pups, etc. Once the puppies were born I would get emails just begging for pictures of Lockland (Which, I did send her). When the puppies where old enough they would come over on a regular basis to "bond" with her. I even allowed their children to come and hold her. It seemed like a good Dane home (especially because they already owned an older Dane puppy (9months), that I had already met and making arrangements for "training" of both puppies. I explained every time I spoke with the family about the care & expenceses this breed needs. I always received back the same reply from the family, "Yes, we know and are prepared for everything."

Puppies turn 8 weeks old, had their vaccines, and final check up at my vet. They are now ready for their new forever homes! Before Lockland's last check up at the vet, I think she was around 6 weeks old, when I noticed her bottom jaw was smaller then her upper. I informed and shown the Casper's of this right after I notice this. I had the vet check it out at her 8 wk checkup. The vet said it was fine and should not cause her any problems. I explained this to the Casper's gave them my Vet's phone number and told them if they had questions to please call her she would be glad to answer their questions. The Casper's came to pick up Ms Lockland. I went over my "Puppy Packet" that includes care instructions, training tips, feeding...etc. I also made it a point one how to "socialize" two puppies as so they grow up independent of each other and not "rely" so much on each other. Once again, I asked if they were sure they wanted to and are ready to give TWO Danes the care and training they would need. I was told yes, once again, and the family also made arrangements for me to come and train both of their Danes, since I am an experienced dog trainer and was already working with them on Onyx's training. Ms Lockland was now on her way to her new forever home. (Yes, I was comfortable with this family...they told me everything I needed to hear. I was also going to their home to help with the training of the dogs. They lived close enough by and would bring their older Dane Onyx to the park to play on a regular basis. I knew I was close by and ready if they needed me.) I had told Millisa to hold off on continuance of Onyx's training for 2 weeks (but to continue working with him all the training we had already started), so she could get Lockland adjusted into her new home. We had made an appointment for me to go to the Casper's home and start/continue the training, in 2 weeks time. On Wednesday December 12, 2007 Lockland went to her new home. Millisa called me almost on a daily basis to give me updates on how wonderful Lockland and Onyx were getting along and playing with each other. To my horror one day, Millisa, even told me she would take both Danes to the park to play! I told her, once again (as this is written in my puppy packet) immediately, Lockland has not completed her "puppy vaccines" and should NOT be out and about until 2 weeks after her finial "puppy vaccine"! She told me she would not be taking Lockland back out into "public" spaces again until she has completed her vaccines.


Has the holidays fast approched, I received a phone call from Millisa asking if we could reschedule Onyx's & Lockland's training appointment because they were just too busy with the holidays. She had told me that both dogs were adjusting very well and she was working with the training that I had already tought her. I told Millisa to continue working with the dogs and rescheduled the appointment to Sunday January 6, 2008 at 2:00 PM. i went over to Millisa house to teach the scheduled training lesson, when I arrived I was glad to see how big Lockland had grown (she was laying on the floor next to Millisa and would not get up. She seemed she was a little afraid of me...but she should not have been since she had only left my home about a month earlier.). Millisa said, "this was Lockland's favorite place to lay because it was away from Onyx and the children." It just didn't sit right with me the way she was laying in the corner away from my house, she was the meeter and greater! I tried calling her and she wouldn't come to me. I even tried her favorite "doggie crack" trying to coax her from the corner...nope no luck. I had aske Millisa to stand up and walk across the room to see if Lockland would follow her. Yes, that worked...but, to my surprise Lockland gait (the way she walked) looked quite "off" to me! I asked Melisa how long Lockland was walking like that. Milisa stated that she noticed it a few days after Lockland arrived at her home...she thought it looked cute! I asked Milisa why she had not told me about the way she was "bunny hopping" when she walked. She just said, "I don't's so darn cute!" I stated right to Milisa...that's not cute, there is something wrong there! I picked up Lockland and laid her on the floor right in front of me and just started petting her to calm her down and get her to she did, I wanted to "manipulate" her legs to see where/what the problem was. As I did I noticed that her knees where "slipping" out of place. I told Milisa immidiatley, I think she has "Patellar Luxation" and would like to have her checked out at the Specialty Center, because this can be painful and the reason why she was not acting like a "normal" puppy. I told her to call first thing on Monday and make the appointment and I would go with to her appointment. Needless to say, we recheduled the training lesson for just Onyx, until we could figure out what was going on with Lockland's legs.  Milisa called me after she called the Specialty Center and said their first appoinment when the could see her would be Wednesday. I told Millisa to make that appointment for Lockland. She told me she would not be able to take Lockland to an appointment on Wednesday because her daughter already had a doctor's appointment that she could not cancle. I tol Milisa to make the appointment, I would take her to her appointment. Please don't feed her or give her water after 9:00 PM the day before her appointment, I am quite sure they will want to take x-rays.

On the morning of January 9, 2008 Lockland was dropped off at my house so I can take her to her 12:00 P.M. scheduled appointment with Dr Cofone of VSCD. As Dr Cofone came into the room, he was saying, "This must be the Great Dane Puppy with Luxating Pettellas...I dought that she does since it's quite rare with the let's have a look at this girl!"

More to come....

(Sorry for all the "Tpye O's" etc...I just want to finish writing the story, then I'll fix, in large the text and add pictures.)

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