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Sire: Kelso's Darkside Rendezvous



Dam: Kelso's Magical Goddess Isis



AKC Litter Registration #: WS341960

Litter Theme: Famous Magicians

The story of how this litter recieved it's theme name:

Have you ever started on a course of evens that would change the plans of your future and there is no stopping it? Well that is what happened with this litter. I believe that in life, everything happens for a reason! We maynot know the reason at the time or wemay never know the reason...ONLY, IT WAS MEANT TO HAPPEN SO IT DID!

Our X-Men litter was supposed to be Isis' final litter and we wee going to have her spayed and retire her from our breeding program. As it turned out, the big guy upstairs had another plan for her and the course was set in action. Isis whelped our X-Men litter May 3, 2009. Litter & Mom were happy and healthy. Pups went to their forever home and Isis & Aurora went into heat in September 2009. Everything was movin along the way it was supposed to. I had called the Vet to schedule Aurora's spay because of heron going weight issues. I also scheduled Isis for her spay afew weeks after Aurora's surgery. I did not and could not handle by myself 2 girls post op after a spay. So Isis was scheduled for 2 weeks after Aurora's surgery. If I had known at the time that waiting those two weeks would change the course of actions that led to this litter...Isis would of been spayed at the same time as Aurora! I guess that is how the "Higher Power" works...his plan, his course was set into motion. As it turned out a few days before Isis was scheduled tobe spayed, the vet's office called and asked if I could reschedule Isis' appointment for a few more weeks because something happened with the building they were in and had to move into a tempory location until their new building is complete. As I didn't want Isis to stress out over the tension and stress at the vet's office, I rescheduled Isis appointment for 2 more weeks. Over those 2 weeks I was also preparing Salem and McFly to become a part of my breeding program which includes doing all of their health screenings. Salem was also being shown, so I was getting her ready and prepared fo the show ring.  Well, we had taken Salem and McFly to see Dr Miller their Cardiologist to get their Hearts Echocardiogrammed and cleared for breeding. Salem was first and past with flying colors. Dr Miller first listen to McFly's heart and said, "Sound great, and nice strong heartbeat, no murmur."  When Dr. Miller hooked McFly up to the ECHO machine, he fell quite. At that point I know there was something wrong. McFly was diagnosed with SubAortic Stanosis. McFly was taken down to the U of PA Vet School for a second ECHO and oppinion. Needless to say McFly had a genetic heart problem and now needed to be neutered and would not be able to be used in our breeding progam. During this time Salem was being hown and one of those shows she was at was the Trenton Kennel Club show where she had caught Bordetella and was nice enough to quitely bring it home and share it with all the dogs in my home! Needless to say, Isis' spay was rescheduled yet again while she recovered from her illness. McFly had gotten so sick that he had lost 45 lbs in two weeks and the vet was very conserned about his heart. All of my attention at that time was directed towards McFly and hand feeding him to get him healthy and strong again! Once McFly over came his illness and because he was put on a course of antiboitics and would need to be on a course of antibotics before during and after his neuter, the vet thought it best to neuter McFly while he was still on the antibotics so not to have to put him on another course. McFly was neutered, healing and recovering. Oh and I might add that during all of this I was also dealing with some pretty intense personal issues a well! Anyway time was nearring closer to Isis' scheduled spay appointment and guess what...she went back into heat (along with Robbie)!!!!! Which meant she now couldn't be spayed for at least another three months time! We were keeping her away from the boys, just like we always do and counting the days until she could be placed back around the boys (Same with Robbie).  If you know anything about breeding it is usually safe around day 18-19 to allow the girls back with the boys without having a resulting pregnancy. With Isis it is usually around day 15. Well Monday April 12, 2010 the Danes were crated most of the day due to the fact we had attended my Aunts funeral. As soon as we arrived home the Danes need to be put out to the bathroom. As I was letting the two girls out to put them into a secure exersice pen (Robbie at day 17 & Isis at day 19 of their heat cycles), the telephone rang. That telephone call changed my life and left me a big emotional wreck at the time. As I was having that telephone conversation, my husband secured both Robbie and Isis in the pen and processed to let the rest of the Danes out to potty and run in the yard. I finished with my conversation hung up the phone and went into the yard with my husband to watch the dogs play. My husband left me in the yad while he walked into the house for a breif momment as he did the phone rang again. I breifley walked in the back door to answer the phone. As I answered the phone my husband passed me heading back out to the yard...He yelled, Reenie you might want to come out here quickly!!! Osiris was in the pen "locked" with Isis! Within that 5-10 seconds time that he was left unattendded in the yard with the two girls that were ending their heat cycle, had ripped the back half of the fence down got into the pen, had mounted and tied with Isis who should of been way way past her being capable of becoming pregnant!!! So, that has got to be one of the best "magic tricks" I've ever seen!!! This litter should NOT exest. The only way I can explain it is...A Higher Power at work that wanted this litter born! This litter is here because of a tsunami of events that laid the path that lead the course to this litters arrival. How else can you explain this litter?! I have said thi before, it is all over my web site, and I'll say it again...OUR PETS FIND US, WE DO NOT FIND THEM, THEY FIND US AT THE TIME THEY ARE MEANT TO FIND US!!!! NOT BECAUSE WE ARE LOOKING, NOT BECAUSE WE FEEL IT IS THE RIGHT TIME...THEY FIND US AT THE TIME THEY ARE MEANT TO COME INTO OUR LIVES!!!!!


(Puppy's Bio will come soon!!!...Sorry it's taking me so long!!!)

  Sorry, I've been ADOPTED by the Bertrand Family!!!!


"Kelso's 1st Magician"

Male Blue Harlequin Born 7:46 PM

23 lbs. 12 ozs.


Sorry, I've been ADOPTED by the Parker Family!!!! 


"Kelso's Escape Artisit"

Male Harlequin Born 8:46 PM

23 lbs. 9 ozs.


Sorry, I've been ADOPTED by the King Family!!!! 


"Kelso's Street Magician"

Male Harlequin Born 9:35 PM

23 lbs. 10 ozs.


Sorry, I've been ADOPTED by the DeNight Family!!!Burton

"Kelso's Out Of  NoWhere"

Male Blue Harlequin Born 1:17PM

23 lbs. 9 1/2 ozs.




"Kelso's Magic Paper Butterflies"

This beautiful little girl is now a Magic Paper Butterfly in heaven. Her "sack" broke 2 1/2 hours before she was born. I tried unsucessfully for 45 minutes to bring her back...Heaven needed a beautiful puppy angel for someone special in heaven. Rest peacefully Lil' One!!!

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