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Meet McFly


"Emmit Brown's Friend Kelso Margarejro" (FCI)


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              DNA Profile #: V540577

McFly comes to us from Kennel Margarejro of Poland. Thank You Agnes for entrusting us with this handsome boy! We hope he will do you proud in the Show Ring!


In the words of Dr Emmit Brown:

"Roads Marty, Where we're going who needs roads?!!!"

I do hope these words hold ture for McFly's Show Carrier!

1st Birthday- 4/22/2009

McFly Turns 1!

McFly weighs in at 156 lbs and stands at 36" at the withers.


Here's why we just love this big goofball!!!!!

Merry Christmas

McFly's best attempt at playing Santa

6 Months Old

October 22, 2008 McFly weighs 103 lbs and is ? inches at the withers!

5 1/2 Months Old

24 weeks old

McFly weighs in at 93.6 pounds and is 30 1/2 inches at the withers.

19 Weeks Old


       Hey Ma, you can't hold my tongue in forever!


        See, I told ya!!!


18 & 1/2 Weeks Old

August 29, 2008- I went to the vet this morning with Aunt Aurora and Mom put me on the scale, I weigh 76.5 lbs and I am 28 inches at the withers!

(Picture taken on Aug 31, 2008)

17 Weeks Old

On August 19, 2008 McFly turned 17 weeks old and weighs 65.2 lbs!

McFly at 15 Weeks old!

These pictures where taken of McFly on Aug 3, 2008 and he weighed in at 54.6 lbs!

2 days before I turn 11 Weeks Old!

McFly weighs 35 lbs 10 1/2 ozs on 7/6/2008!

10 Weeks Old



We  have found our Mc Fly!!! His whelp date is April 22, 2008.



Our New Arrival

From Kennel Margarejro FCI, Poland:

Please welcome Mc Fly, "Emmit Brown's Friend Kelso Margarejro" Our newest addition to our family has arrived from Poland Saturday, June 14, 2008!!!! We went up to JFK Airport in New York, to pick up our handsome boy!!!

In the parking garage before make our trip back to Delaware


Look at the "big" baby paw!


All the way home!

Look at the big handsome boy, safely home and ready for bed!


Getting over his "jet lag"!

McFly found a nice spot to sleep!


McFly on June 13, 2008 he is 7 1/2 weeks old in the picture. The day before he comes to America.


Here are some pictures of McFly with his brothers, taken at 6 weeks of age!

            This is Elpasso with Mcfly


Mc Fly pictures here at 4 weeks old! He's so handsome!


These pictures were taken of Mc Fly when he is only 25 days old.


Look at that nice topline!!!


 4/22/2008- 10 beautiful puppies have been born to Kimira and Abracadabra! Congrats to Kennel Margarejro!!!


 Sire is CH Abracadabra vom Bismarc-Blue

Click here to see Abracadabra's Pedigree


Dam is CH Kamira Margarejro

Click here to see Kamira's Pedigree


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