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This beauty is Nefertari, we call her Neffy for short. Check back at a later date to here Neffy's story and the horrors of purchasing puppies that are not DNA Profiled!

OFA (click the links below to see her results)

Hips (Preliminary)-Fair Elbows (Preliminary) Good

Shoulders- Normal (GD-SH7F12-PI)

Patella- Normal (GD-PA27/12F/P-PI)

Thyroid- Normal (GD-TH552/12F-PI)

Heart- Normal/Cardiologist (GD-CA902/15F/C-PI)

CERF- Normal (GD-1396/2006--15)

DNA Profile # V370641 


UPDATE: 11/22/2006- Neffy has been spayed and removed from our breeding program. She will be staying here with us (As do all of our retired adults, we don't just breed, Our dogs are our family!) and she will now be used a a Therapy dog.

3 Year and 11 Months Old

2 Years 11 Months Old


Neffy's Story

This is a story for everyone out there that is looking to purchase a puppy. I hope you can learn from this and ask the right questions to the person you are purchasing your new puppy from. If you all ready have purchased that pure breed puppy, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, I beg you to have it DNA tested. It's worth the $40 to make sure your breeder is on the up and up! I have heard too many horror stories (and now lived) about what people/breeders  are doing to register puppies with the AKC! In the end, it is you the puppy buyer that will end up hurt and out the money you paid for that supposed pure breed puppy. Please, don't think it can't happen to you, because if it happened to me, with 15 years experience in dealing with the sales and purchasing of puppies, it can most certainly happen to you and is more likely to happen to you!

First, just let me ask you, do you know how much it cost to do all the proper testing on a dog before they are bred? Do you know what the required testing is for your breed? Do you know how to read the results, if someone was to show them to you? Do you know how it read a pedigree? Or how important a pedigree is, when it comes to breeding? Before buying any puppy you should be able to answer yes to all of those question! If not, you need to educate yourself BEFORE you start looking for your new puppy. It will save you money and heartache in the end!  Please visit the OFA website ( ) to learn how to read the results and what the testing is actually for.  You may also contact me with your questions, I would be glad to help you find the correct answers! You will thank me later on! You and I together can put those un-scrupulous breeders out of business!

Ok, now here's Neffy's story....

My husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas (2004), My answer was a show dog. I wanted to add a solid black bitch to my breeding lines. He told me there is no way we are going to bring another puppy into the house, especially after we had just acquired two other puppies. Isis who is our lightly spotted Harlequin, but because of her coloring could not be shown. And there was Osiris our beautiful (almost solid black) dog. We also had Butch our old guy, a cat named Chi Lin, and Floyd a Greater Sulffer Crested Cock-A-Too.

Floyd, was attached to me and just starting to hit his sexual maturity, he thought I was his mate. He would scream at an ungodly high pitched scream that drove everyone insane (Even the neighbors 10 blocks away!). One day, I was sitting on the sofa watching the tv (Floyd on his perch, next to the sofa), when my husband came home from work, and gave me a kiss. Well, Floyd wasn't having any of that! He went after my husband to the point where I had to throw a towel over Floyd just to get him back into his cage. After that incident no one could come near me without Floyd trying to bite them. So Floyd was now doing more cage time, and screaming constantly to be let out of his cage to be near me. Then one day I asked my daughter Samantha to feed him, the minute Samantha opened the cage door, Floyd charged at her face. When Brian came  home from work and heard the story, he said, "Ok you can get your show puppy on one condition... Floyd must go."

At that time I was working as a trainer in a local pet store and as luck would have Pat a co-worker of mine, runs an organization for abandoned and neglected birds. She saw how upset I was one day and asked me what was wrong, when I told her about my situation she told me she would find Floyd a new home for me. Thank you Pat and the Bailey Foundation. Floyd now has a wonderful new home and I don't have to worry about him biting my husband or my children anymore. If you like more information on the Bailey Foundation please visit there web site at  I still, to this day, miss my Floyd and ask Pat to keep me posted on him. I am glad to hear he's doing good in his new home.

Well a few weeks went by and I was still a little upset about letting Floyd go, I was messing around on the internet and came across this picture on The add said, "Solid Black Female Puppy" and she came from a blue/black pedigree. How perfect! Just what I was looking for! I called the number posted and left a message. Then anxiously waited by the phone for the breeder to call me back. All the while hoping she was not sold yet.

Finally the phone call I was waiting for has come! I spoke to the breeder about the add I had seen online, and told her I was interested in adding a solid black bitch to my breeding lines and she seemed perfect. I asked the breeder about the parents and was told that the Sire was named Diamonds Rio (WS06211703), a blue weighing 194 lbs and the Dam was Cheyenne of the Smokies, a black weighing 168 lbs. Things are sounding better and better! Then I asked about the testing of the parents, what testing has she done on the parens. The breeder did tell me that she does not do the proper OFA test her dogs (or any testing for that matter). Since I was getting a guarantee on all genetic defects the testing did not matter to me (However, if you are not experienced in purchasing puppies and you are buying a puppy for the first time, MAKE SURE BOTH PARENTS HAVE THE OFA/CERF TESTING DONE! For more information on this please see my page on LEARN HOW TO PURCHASE A PUPPY , No testing should of been my first warning sign.)  I know the risks involved, and was willing to accept them, because I test every single dog that I plan to breed, any defects would be reveled when I had the puppy tested. I asked her to send me some pictures of the parents and current pictures of the puppy. (Still to this day I have not received the pictures she stated I would get, and this should of been my second warning.) 

Now that I look back, the red flags are popping up all over. Why I didn't pick up on them, I don't know. I just assume that I was a little too anxious to add this beauty to my home and I let my emotions get the best of me, because here comes a bunch more red flags that I did not pick up on. After talking with her for awhile, I told her that I wanted this beautiful little girl to put her in the show ring. That's when she told me that a doctor friend of the family was interested in her (red flag- this is the way someone will pressure you to make a snap decision. You feel like you don't want to miss out, so you jump on the chance before someone else can.). She told me one of her sisters just past away from cancer and she was going to her other sister's house, over the weekend, to help make the funeral arrangements and she would be taking the puppy with, so the doctor and his wife could have a look at her. She said, "But, if I really wanted her, she could take her and her two sisters with, and tell the Doctor and his wife, she was sold and only the other two pups were available. Since they had white marks on their chest and they were looking for a pet and not a show puppy." However, in order to mark her as sold I had to send her a non-refundable deposit of half the price of the puppy and the cost of shipping. As soon as she had the deposit or confirmation that the money was in the mail she'd mark her sold and the puppy would be mine. Of course, the puppy would not be shipped until the payment was received in full and the check cleared her bank. She also stated to me, "She only accepts US Postal money orders as payment."


More to come....

The rest of this story will come shortly... please be patient, But in the mean time The breeders you should stay away from are Kazia Martz and Maynard Cambell! They are Neffy's breeders and they do sneaky, underhanded crap to register their puppies with the AKC. They are from the North Carolina and Virgina areas. Please make sure you do not purchase a puppy from them! It's been about a year now and they still have not cleared up this mess. Currently, I have filed a lawsuite against them. (Please, if anyone has their addresses email it to me so I can serve them with the court papers! Thanks... [email protected] ) Hopefully this will open their eyes and see I'm not going anywhere.


Update 2/5/2007:

I received several emails from (someone claiming to be) Julianna Martz (again, claiming to be Kazia's daughter) informing me I better remove her mother's and Maynard's names off of my web page or I'll be sorry. She stated that she's going to tell everyone I'm a sick and troubled woman, also a lier and a cheat, viciuos, evil, and out to make a buck. She's going to tell everyone who the real Irena Kelso is!Please if you purchased a puppy from me with Neffy as the Dam, email her at [email protected] and inform her that you WERE GIVEN COPIES OF BOTH NEFFY AND OSIRIS' VWD TEST RESULTS/REPORT AND I HAVE GUARANTEED YOUR PUPPY IF IT DOES HAVE VWD! Please tell them, that not only will you get to keep the puppy, but I will refund the full price or replace it with another puppy from another litter! They do not understand that there are decent respectable breeder's that will tell people the truth and back it up!!!!! Please let them know who the real Irena Kelso is so they can get it right when they tell everyone I'm honest and tell it like it is!!!!!    

If I've lied to you or cheated you in any way, PLEASE log onto my "Guest Book" and tell everyone how I lied or cheated you. Or log on and tell them about your experience with and how well you were informed about VWD (which they never tested Neffy's parents, [heck they still don't know who the Sire is], nor have they informed the buyer's of Neffy's littermates, to date, that the puppy they bought from Kazia/Maynard may be a carrier for von Willebrand's Disease and should not be bred!!!!) OFA, CERF, DNA Profiling, etc. Hence, one of the reasons Neffy is now spayed and removed from my breeding program!

Once again, I stand by my reputation and every single dog I sell! I'm someone that cares enough to give the dogs a voice and will not stand by and watch them suffer because of greedy humans who have not tested their dogs or just refuse to remove them from their breeding program! I have delt with way too many breeder's like Kazia and Maynard and have felt the heart ache and pain that it causes. This is why I refuse to be like them!  I refuse to let the puppies and buyer's suffer over a buck, I care about my puppies and the people that buy them, because these people will become my extended family. After all they are purchasing my "Grandpuppies"!!!!!!





UPDATE: 4/8/2010-

Kazia Martz is charged with animal cruelty. I do not know the whole story yet, but I will post it as soon as I do.

    (Kazia Martz AKA Kathy Hand)

I have been told that dogs under her care have been starved to death and some where found shot in the head when found by animal contral.

Here is a link to a Mastiff Forum that you can read more about this story and Kazia Martz. (I personally DO NOT know, nor have I had any contact with, nor have I ever purchased a puppy from Gloria Davis.):

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