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November Rain Litter May 4, 2008


Sire: CH Rhodesends Sharcon's Why Not "Huey"

Huey's owner is Barbara Brush her email address is [email protected]  please feel free to contact Barbara with any questions you have about Huey!


Dam: Kelso's Cold November Rain           "Robbie"


Litter AKC Registration # WS259160

AKC Registered Name Theme- Given in honor of their Mommy, they will come from the lyrics of Guns & Roses song November Rain! (I have added the song to play in the background of this page.)

Call Names- given in honor of their Daddy, they have been given names after places in New Jersey where he lives!


Kelso-Flower Lovers Always Come



Laurel as she was known here will get a new name that starts with and F. As her new "Mommy" names all of her pets in alphabetical order. She's now at "F" so will be looking for her new name soon! She's the newest member of the Flower Family of Salisbury Maryland.


Int CH Kelso-Gabrys Why Not November Rain CGC



Colden as we called him here, will still be called Colden by his new family. He lives witht the Gabrys Family of Wyandotte Michigan! This handsome fellow was given special permission to register with the Canadian Kennel Club! Look for this handsome boy in the show ring of both the United States and Canada! He also has his own web site for you to follow his progress!


Kelso-Cronin When Your Fears Subside

Clark was what we had called him, but now he will be called Elvis. That's right...Elvis is now on Broadway! He'll be living in New York, New York with his new family the Cronin-Rossi Family!


Kelso-Myer's No One Left To Blame

Jersey, Jersey, Jersey! That's what "Grandma" would call behind me as I ran from her, but my new Mommy will be call me Asker. I guess now she'll be running behind me calling Asker, Asker, Asker....until someone says over the fence Ask her what???  Asker will now live with the Myer Family of Waynesboro Pennsylvania.


Kelso-Twilight Shadows Still Remain

Here he was known as Tucker his new family will call him Shadow. He will live at Twilight Farms in Airville Pennsylvania with the Roycroft Family. Look for this handsome boy in a show ring near you come November of 2008!


Kelso-Nobles Lettin' Go Today

Leonardo has went to live with the Nobles Family of New Egypt New Jersey. They will now be calling me Wyatt and hopefully you will get to see me in the show ring when I get a little older. Hopefully I will not only look like my Daddy and Granddaddy, but I will follow in their pawsteps as well!!!!!


Kelso-Wilbur's Still Can Find A Way

William as we called him here, now lives with the Wilbur Family of West Islip New York. My new family are considerring keepining my name William and will let Grandma know if they decided to change it! I too have some big paws to fill. After Gizmo's paws fell silent and a new two legged addition, my new Mom and Dad decided that their new two legged baby girl just needs to know and grow up with this wonderful breed!


Kelso-Kubert's Oh Yeah

Trenton now lives with the Kubert family of Dover, New Jersey. They will let me know what they have decided to call him after they find a fitting name for their new handsome baby boy! My new Daddy wanted a Dane, but Mommy was unsure until she got a chance to come and see my four legged Mommy and play with us on the floor. After that the hardest thing she had to do was pick which one of us she really really liked! It was me!!!!! She Picked Me!!!!!


Kelso-Kreckel's Such A Long Long Time

Paterson is what I was called since birth and my new Mommy is thinking about keeping it Paterson (she'll let Grandma know if she changes it though). I now live with the Kreckel Family of Wayne Pennsylvania and have a very active two legged brother to chase around!


Kelso-McCorkle's You Could Heal A Broken Heart

Ramsey now lives with the Mc Corkle Family of West Chester Pennsylvania. After a long family meeting with a lot of "gay" names tossed around, my new family now calls me Rocco. I got this name from my four legged sister that passed away in March, (that I won't get to meet for a very long time) her name was Roxy. I hear they use to tease Roxy sometime with the name Rocco. What a very big honor that I am named after her!


Kelso-Pierce's Hard To Hold A Candle

I now live with the Pierce Family of Elkton, Maryland. They called me Emerson after I was born, but my new family call me Cobie. that's short for Cobalt Blue! I was a surprise from my new Daddy for my Mommy, they waited a really long time for me!!!!!


Kelso-Piasecki's Look Into Your Eyes

Skye (Blue) is what Grandma called me and for now until my new family comes up with a new name for me, they will call me Skye also. I now live with the Piasecki Family of Swedesboro New Jersey and boy did I hit the lottery!!!! I love to play with two legged children and now have 6 two legged brothers and sister to play with!!!!


Kelso's Lay It On The Line

Salem will keep her name Salem. She will get to stay here with us!  Of course this little girl will be going to the shows with her Mommy and McFly!!!! Be sure to check out her page for all updates on her! Salem will make her show debut at the Great Dane Club of Pennsylvania's Puppy Match on Sunday, September 7, 2008. Be sure to look for her in a show ring near you!



Kelso-Stevens Out To Charm You

Berkeley's new family has decided to keep her name Berkeley and she will be living with the Stevens Family of Muscadine Alabama. She will have both two legged and four  legged brothers and sisters to play with. Hopefully we'll get a chance to see her in some shows in the south!


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