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Litter Whelped Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Dam: Kelso's Promises In The Dark "Neffy"

Sire: Kelso's Darkside Rendezvous "Osiris"

Litter AKC Registration #: QW001098

Litter Theme: "Promise"

"Call Name" Theme for this litter is: "Gargoyles"

If you ever seen the Cartoon Movie "Gargoyles" you now where these names came from. Gargoyles at the time was my children's (and mine) favorite movie when they were younger (and still is). For a while it was also a Saturday morning cartoon, you could not move my chldren from in front of the tv when the cartoon was on. If you get a chance and want your kids to see a great movie, see if you can track down a copy. I'll bet you love it just as much as the kids. Any way, The gargoyles' castle is moved to New York City and this is how they got their names. When we ran out of names from the movie, I figured if there were more the would of picked New York theme names, so I looked at a map and came up with a few more.


Demona is the name we gave her. Her new family has  named  her Molly. She now lives in York, Pennsylvania with the Moore family, who will spoil her with love!

Kelso's Promises Made


Goliath was the leader of the Gargoyles and also the biggest. Since he was the biggest pup at birth he got the fitting name, but Lexington out weighs him every now and again by just a few ounces. He is now called Jake and lives in Wilmington, Delaware with the Maddox Family.

Kelso's Promises Of A Rendezvous


Roslyn now lives in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania with the Roseman family and they have decided to now call her Rosie.

Kelso's Promises Kept


Lexington is what we called him, and Eileen & Kristen have decided to keep the name for him. He now lives in New Castle, Delaware and when Eileen decides to share with Kristen he stays in Wilmington, Delaware.

Kelso's A Promise In The Night


Brooklyn as we called him, now will be called Riley and lives with the Dealy Family of Aberdeen, Maryland. He will now have to keep up with his new 2 legged sister Kaitlyn (Sorry for mis-spelling your name kaitlyn, I promise not to mis-spell it again!)!

Kelso's Broken Promises


Elisa- On Thursday 1/11/2007 after yet again, another bought with pneumonia, in her very short life, My Lil' Babie Doll was suffering greatly with heart and respitory destress, we thought it best to let this precious little angle cross the "Rainbow Bridge" to play with Dear Old Sweat Grandpa Butch. Rest peacefully Lil' Babie Doll, you were here for such a short time, But you will be greatly missed!


Manhatten as he was known with us, will now be call Poseidon and lives in Atlantic City, New Jersey and will be spoiled by Jody & Matt.

Kelso's Shades Of A Promise


Merrick lives in Parksville, New York and is loved by the Kozachuk Family. They now call him Black Jack and can now bet on lots of big wet kisses from Jack, who just loves to dish them out!

Kelso's Surrender To Your Promises


Baldwin is what we called him, his new family may call him Buddy II, but will let us know for sure when Kevin gets him as a Birthday Present. Well after the kids met this handsome fellow, they will now be calling him Zeus!  Big dog, big name, is what Dad said made the decision. He will now be loved by the Kubiak Family of Mantua, New Jersey.

Kelso's Time Of A Promise


Hudson is the name we gave him and his new family is going to keep his name Hudson. He is now loved by the St Pierre family of Bensalem, Pennsylvania.

Kelso's Blind Promises


Bronx his new name is Zander (or Xander) however they decide to spell his name, he is still just as cute and he's now loved by the Page Family of Putnum Valley, New York.

Kelso's Trust In A Promise


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