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This page is what you all have been asking for.... Pictures of the puppies growing up. All of the pictures on this page have been given to me from the Puppy Families. Please enjoy the pictures and if you don't see your puppy... that's because you haven't sent me pictures. Thank you for the wonderful pictures!


Hope you enjoy the pictures! Thanks "Puppy Families" for sharing your pictures. At the bottom of the page is a place for your comments. Please include your email address if you don't mind the other "Puppy Families" & other Families that are interested in purchasing a puppy from me, contacting you to talk about your puppies!

The Babies All Grown Up!!!!

This is Roxy, she is from Butch & Sadie's 2nd litter. Her whelp date is July 5, 1996. She'll be 11 years old this July and is from the third litter I had.


Zander at 6 months old. He's out of Osiris and Neffy, whelp date is November 22, 2006.


Zeus - He's out of Isis and Mick, whelp date April 4, 2007.


Posiden - He's out of our Nov 22, 2006 litter (Osiris X Neffy)


Griffin pictured at 10 weeks- From our 4/4/7 Litter(Mick X Isis) with his sister Tilly pictured at 17 months- From our 1/26/06 Litter (Osiris X Isis)


Here's Zeus at 6 months old he's out of our November 22, 2006 Litter (Osiris X Neffy).



Lexington at 6 months old. He's from our 11/22/06 litter (Osiris X Neffy)


Tilly is from our Jan 26, 2006 litter (Osiris X Isis)


Molly at 7 months old. She's from our November 22, 2006 litter (Osiris X Neffy).


Dakota- Pictured at 15 months old. She's from our Jan. 26, 2006 Litter (Osiris X Isis)


Here's Harley & Dakota (pictured at 17 months) with Mom in the background. Jan 26, 2006 litter (Osirs X Isis)


Harley at 17 months old. She's from our Jan 26, 2006 litter (Osiris X Isis).


Here's Quinn, pictured at 17 months. He's also from our Jan 16, 2006 litter (Osiris X Isis). At 17 months this big boy is 37 inches at the shoulder and weighs 165 lbs!



Crosby at 11 weeks old. He's from our April 4, 2007 litter (Mick X Isis).


Zeus (4/4/07 Litter) at 3 months old- Dad, you forgot some pieces down here!

More pictures

Jake pictured at 7 months old and 110 lbs! He's from our 11/22/06 Litter (Osiris X Neffy). My he looks like his Daddy!


Aberdeen at 3 months old. He's from our April 4, 2007 litter (Mick X Isis).


Breaking News..... Isadora has taken over the sofa of the vacation home!!!! Pictured at 3 months old and she's also from our 4/4/07 litter (Mick X Isis).




Griffin pictures at 3 months- From our 4/4/07 litter (Mick X Isis).

Pictures I Received in August 2007


           What you lookin' at

Posiden Jenci pictured at 8 months old. He is approx. 125 lbs nd 34" at the shoulder.  He's out of our Nov 22, 2006 litter (Osiris X Neffy).


Jake Maddox pictures at 8 months. He is also from our 11/22/07 litter (Osiris X Neffy).


Hey Dad, what you cookin' us for dinner?

Belly is full time for a nap! Zeus Barthman/Ruark pictured at 4 months. He's from our April 4, 2007 litter (Mick X Isis).


Griffin showing us the crazy ways he likes to sleep. He's 4 months in these pictures and is from our 4/4/07 litter (Mick X Isis)


Matilda showin who taught Griffin how to sleep! Pictured here at 18 months and is from our Jan 26, 2006 litter (Osiris X Isis)


Just hanging out with mom in the hospital!

Morphius pictured at 18 months. He weighs 135 lbs and approx 36" at the shoulder. He's from our Jan 26, 2006 litter (Osiris X Isis).


October Thru December 2007



Aberdeen, as the BESTEST BUMBLE BEE EVER!!!!!(4/4/2007 Isis X Mick)

What can I say, I look good in yellow!!! (Aberdeen)


       Griffin & Tilly

Being and angle sure is hard work! (Griffin- 4/4/2007 Isis X Mick)


Yup, I hear ya!  (Tilly 1/26/2006- Isis X Osiris)


Look, just cause I got a big head, don't mean ya can tease me! (Griffin 4/4/2007 Isis X Mick)


Don't worry, I won't let anyone up or down! (Tilly 1/26/2006 Isis X Osiris)


Come on Mom, I wanna go to the park!!!! (Tilly 1/26/2007 Isis X Osiris)


         Isadora & Zander

Aren't I cute??? (Isadora 4/4/2007 Isis X Mick)


Kisses for Sam, Mom don't like sharing Sam! (Isadora 4/42007 Isis X Mick)


What?!!! Grandma says I look just like a supersized version of my Mommy! (Zander 11/22/2007 Neffy X Osiris)


I'm a handsome fellow, at 11 months, I weigh a whopping 158 lbs.!!! (Zander 11/22/2007 Neffy X Osiris)



Mom & Dad get married and I get to visit my four legged Mom & Dad! (Zeus playing with Aurora & Robbie, Mom sleeping in the background. 4/4/2007 Isis X Mick)

Congrats Mom & Dad...I'm havin' a blast!

Look Dad.. I can fit your whole head in my mouth!!!! (Zeus 4/4/2007 Isis X Mick)



Look at these handsome fellows!!! Looks like double trouble to me! (Walker 4/4/2007 Isis X Mick)



Look...a kangaroo! Just like her Daddy! (Molly is from our Neffy X Osiris Litter 11/22/2006)


(I still have picture of Gracey to add....I have to find the file that contains the pictures first....Sorry Rachel and Gracey. I also have pictures of Dakota that I have to find those files as well...Sorry Jeff & Pat. I also have 1st birthday pictures from Rosie, I am having problems loading these onto my site. I'll get the issue fixed ASAP! Sorry Roseman family!)

December 2007 to January 2008


  Rosie celebrates her first Birthday!!!!! (Neffy X Osiris 11/22/06)



It's nice to pick up my new sister at school! (Isis X Osiris 10/14/2007)



  Nimbus, Hard at play!!!!! (Isis X Osiris 10/14/2007)



1st day in my new home, and a new spot to sleep!

I soooo darn handsome!!!!

Oh No...Mom has that thing that flashes a bright light again!

Ok...we're both so darn cute!!!!! (Isis X Osiris 10/14/2007)



Doin' what I do best!!!!! (Isis X Mick Litter 4/4/2007)



It must run in the family!!!!!

Best seat in the house...Mom's lap!!!!

Shhhhh....we're trying to get our beauty sleep! (Isis X Mick Litter 4/4/2007)



What can I say...He's just my big handsome boy!!!!!! (Osiris X Isis Litter 1/26/2006)



Move over boys...There's a new sheriff in town!!

Hey, look it's Frosty!

What?! It's just my wubba.

Mom, are ya takin' my picture again?

Man, I look just like my Daddy. (Neffy X Osiris Litter 11/22/2006)

February 2008



Lex pictured at 14 months old and weighs in at 148 lbs. (Neffy X Osiris 11/22/2006) What a handsome boy!!!!


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