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Why is a Pedigree so important?

 (This page is under construction, PLEASE be patients and I will get it complete as fast as I can! However, if you are in the market for a puppy and want me to give you the run down on a pedigree until this page is complete, please feel free to call me at (302) 437-6041.)

Unless you are another serious breeder, a pedigree will have a different value for you than it does for me. However, it STILL carries great value for you as well. It is a wise decsion for you the consumer to learn to read a pedigree so you can ask a breeder the proper questions when evaluating their litter to make as part of your family!

A pedigree should give a breeder valuble information when they are selecting a pair for a breeding, but a pedigree alone SHOULD NOT BE A DETERMINING FACTOR!!! It should also be used by you the puppy buyer!

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Line Pedigree vs.  Vertical Pedigree

A line pedigree is usually what you see on paper, Sire, Dam, Grandsire, Granddam, etc. A vertical pedigre is what you don't see on the paper...What is sitting off to the side sibling, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, etc...WHAT YOU DON'T SEE ON A LINE PEDIGREE IS SOMETIMES MORE VALUBLE THEN WHAT YOU DO SEE!!!

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Learn to read a pedigree


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