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Please meet our Famous Wild West Legends

Annie (Oakley)

Kelso's Lil' Sure Shot 

Annie will keep her name. Annie has went to live with the Levine Family of Boothwyn PA. Let's just say Annie picked them! The Levine's had taken on  Dakota (AKA Della & Daisy from our 'American Litter) after her 1st family returned her to use. Dakota had past away this year (2010) after complication after she bloated. The Levine's missed Dakota and wanted to adopted Janie. Well, I tooke the 3 remaining girls with me over to their house and Annie took over like she had been there forever! Once again, Our pets find us, we do not find our pets. They come to us when and where we are supposed to accept them into our lives! The Livine's will enjoy the tons of kisses that Ms Annie loves to dish out!


Bat (Masterson)

Kelso's New Sheriff In Town  

Bat as we call him here, is now known a Jet and lives with the Gallagher Family of Gloucester NJ. His new family will look forward to the handsome boy Jet will grow into! Also, they will look forward to him snuggle in their laps and having their faces covered with kisses!



Belle (Star)

Kelso's Gem ThatFilled It's Sparkles  

Belle will be staying right here at Kelso's GR8 Danes until we can place her in the right show home! Be sure to look for her updates on her own personal page of our site! Look for her in a show ring near you in late winter or early spring 2011!!!


Abigail (Scott Duniway)

Kelso's Path Breaker 

Abigail will be keeping her name. She has went to live with the Roats Family of Philadelphia PA. They are going to have days of this little cutie kisses their faces non-stop! I am sure she will win their hearts in 2 seconds flat!



Kelso's Long Arm Of The Law 


Wyatt has went to own the hearts of the Cieniewicz Family! They have decided on the name Toby for this cowboy! He will be mending the broken hearts of his new family as this Lil' Man has some BIG PAWPRINTS to fill...Rest Peacefully Mack and look over your new "Lil' Brother" from the Rainbow Bridge. 



Alice (Poker)

Kelso's Don't Bet On Sundays


 Alice is what we called her here, her new family will call her Scout. She has went to live with the DeWitt Family of California MD. The DeWitt's are looking forward to Ms Scout's adventures and then have her come in and tell them all about it! Scout has a voice and loves to use it!


Doc (Holliday)

Kelso's I'm Your Huckleberry


Doc was what we called him here, and will still be called Doc by his new Family, The Morrison's of East Fallowfield PA. Doc is co-owned with Kelso's GR8 Danes. The Morrison's will be looking forward to this handsome boy's Loving kisses...boy does he every LOVE TO GIVE KISSES!!!! Be sure to look for this Handsome Show Stopper in a show ring near you in 2011!!!! 


Jesse (James)

Kelso's Outside The Law 


Jesse is what he was called here and is now being called Jack by his new Family, The Flower's of Salisbury MD!  Jack is going to live with his Aunt Lilly (AKA Laurel of our November Rain Litter). The Flower's are looking forwards to this BIG GUY to snuggle with them!

Josie (Josephine Marcus Earp)

Kelso's Love Of A Lifetime


Josie as she was called here and will still be called Josie by her new family, The Kreckel's of Wayne PA. Josie has went to live with her Uncle Clarke (AKA Patterson of our November Rain Litter). I am sure the Kreckel family is now enjoying all the kisses and snuggles from this Lil Princess already!!!

Kate (Shelley)

Kelso's Heroine Of The Storm 


 Kate is how she was known here and will now be called Jesse by the Bates Family of Union Bridge MD will be calling her. Her new family will certainly be looking forwards to her  adventures and when she's done to come give them tons of kisses and snuggle in their laps.

Janie (Calamity Jane)

Kelso's Letters To My Daughter 

Janie as we called her will be called the same by her new family, the Zwizanski Family of Downingtown PA. Janie has some big pawprints to fill, she's going to help the Zwizanski family fill the hole in their hearts after losing their Dane Rescue Baby from bloat. Janie is the perfect Lil' girl for the job! I am sure that Janie already has them wrap around her pinky toe nail! 




Parents of our Wild West Legends

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"Osiris" Kelso's Darkside Rendezvous (sire) 

 "Salem" Kelso's Lay It On The Line (Dam)


Ancestors of our Wild West Legends

Maternal Grandsire CH Rhodesends Sharcon's Why Not    AKA Huey

Maternal GrandDam- Kelso's Cold November Rain           AKA Robbie

Paternal Grandsire- G-Dieters Grayson                               AKA Grayson

Paternal Granddam- Magic's Night Illusion                        AKA Abby

Maternal Great Grandsire- BISS CH Sharcon's Tomahawk AKA Tommy

Maternal Great Granddam- Rhodesend Chance Of A Storm

Maternal Great Grandsire Renegade's Sir Ruger

Paternal Great Great Grandsire- CH Bluestone Invincible            AKA Mr T

Paternal Great Great Granddam- Kobe Medium                            AKA Izzy


Paternal Great Great Grandsire- Magic's Outlaw Blues Paradox  AKA Jesse

Paternal Great Great Great Great Grandsire- CH Bluestones Royal knight


Paternal Great Great Great Great Grandsire- CH Le Roy Des Terres De La Rairie


Paternal Great Great Great Great Granddam- CH Nikita Medium

Maternal Great Great Grandsire- CH Stonehenges Doc Holiday

Paternal Great Great Great Granddam- CH Magic's Impressive Black Gem

Paternal Great Great Great Great Granddam- CH Yucca Wieilki Dunczyk

Maternal Great Great Great grandsire- RHODESEND'S QUIET STORM


Maternal Great Great Great Grandsire- SHARCON'S LIGHTNING STRIKES AGAIN

Maternal Great Great Great Great Grandsire- CH.Sharcon's Rio Bravo


Maternal Great Great Great Great Greanddam-SHARCON'S MSBEHAVIN PARTY GIRL


Maternal Great Great Great Great Drandsire- COLERIDGE'S BLUE INDIGO RAPSODY 


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